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May 12, 2017 Update:

The new forms and booklets for 2017 are now ONLINE.  These forms have been updated with new contact information as to mailing in or faxing the forms. 
They are now available ONLINE and you can get them
on the FORMS page.  The forms will need to be mailed to our address at the bottom of the page or e-mailed as an attachment to the e-mail address:

The last day to get the forms in without a late penalty
 will be Monday, July 3rd, 2017.

 Late entries will be charged an extra $10.00.



Any person or business that sponsors a show class or division will be listed on this site along with their logo and any links that they would like to bring people to their websites and/or social media.


We have spots available for vendors who would like to exhibit their products at the show.   You will be given an area large enough to put up a 10' x 10' or 12' x 12' pop-up tent for your business.   No food items will be allowed unless they are sealed items such as jellies and jams, etc. to prevent food spoilage.  The cost is only $10.00 for the space rental for the day.   Any vendors who sign up will also get their names on this website with their logos and links to websites or social media.  



    R.W. Catering will be providing food in our food pavilion  this year.  Robert Wing has done a wonderful job of providing some great menu items these past of years. 
Look for his NEW Lobster Roll sandwiches this year.  As soon as we have a menu from them, we will be posting it here.  You can check out the work that they do for the surrounding communities here.   



    If anyone knows someone who would be willing to put in a little time and help us out with the show, please let us know.  Any time given would certainly be appreciated, even if they cannot help at the show in July.  If you need to get in touch with us; please use the contact form. 
    A photo gallery site has been set up with "Shutterfly".
  To access the photos, click on the "Photo Gallery" tab
on the left menu area.


    Any one who would like to contribute photos or videos
of any shows (even previous years) may send the digital images to:
.  Photos have started to come in for everyone to share and they will be placed onto the Shutterfly Photo Gallery.   

Marion Horse Show

PO Box 493
Marion, MA 02738-0493